Who is the treatment for & What to expect?

Who should use this treatment?

If YOU... 

» ...color you hair,

» ...or highlights your hair,

» ...or have over-dry hair,
» ...or use a blow dry and/or

       flat iron regularly,

» ...or use relaxers...


…then our protein deep conditioning treatment will repair, re-nurture, protect and maintain the health of their hair and will help fight against the frizz created by humidity…it will stop the “sponge” effect humidity creates on their hair.

If you simply want to have Healthy and Beautiful hair then our treatment is a must for You.

Our Our Natural Keratin Protein Deep Conditioning Treatment will allow you to...

“Have Healthy & Beautiful Hair

Unhealthy Hair
Damaged by Perm
Before Depp Protein Conditioning Treatment
Hair After Deep Protein
Conditioning Treatment. Styled with Blow dry and flat iron

What this protein deep conditioning treatment will do for you?

Our Natural Keratin Protein Deep Conditioning Treatment will not change the hair's structure…If you hair…

» ... is wavy it will make it beautiful when styled (eg. blow dry), and will control the frizz from humidity. If you want it straight, simply apply the flat iron since your hair is protected against heat deep inside.

» ...is curly it will make the curls manageable, healthy and beautiful, and will control the frizz in the curls from humidity.

» ...is straight and frizzy it will eliminate the frizz, maintain perfect volume and make it beautiful when blow dry and control the frizz from humidity.

» …has had a chemical treatment (color, relaxer, highlight) it will re-nurture the hair and make it healthy and beautiful and control the frizz from humidity.

This protein deep conditioning treatment will leave your hair moisturized, soft and shinny, glossy, eliminate non-wanted volume created by frizz, fight the “ugly” humidity, and will heal, repair, strengthen and protect the hair against environmental radicals. Simply do it every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain your hair Healthy and Beautiful. 

To achieve best results is recommended that the appropriate post-treatment products be used. Our specially designed Anti-Frizz GuardTM (built-into our complete product line) adds another layer of protection to that provided by the Natural Keratin Protein Deep Conditioning Treatment to further protect your hair against humidity and frizz.

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