How does our treatment help?

How does our treatment help protect the hair against
the radicals that cause damage and speed aging?

…UV light…pollution… chemical treatments…styling and cleansing cause high levels of protein degradation and lipid depletion, damaging the hair surface and speeding its aging process.

Prolonged exposure to the destructive factors of the environment, such as sunlight and pollution, leads to attack and breakdown of the structural components of the hair. This breakdown is primarily through the cross-linking of the keratin proteins which subsequently cause brittleness, reduced lubricity and disruption of the cuticle. This damage dulls and weakens the hair and makes it more vulnerable to further attack.

Our Treatment (and its “design” with added Anti-Frizz GuardTM) is based from Keratin proteins which protect hair and provide strength. Our Advanced Keratin Treatment By Nikki Bailey has the ability to form a surface shield of keratin (the protein of which hair is made) that preferentially reacts against insults such as pollutants and UV rays, protecting the hair from damage.

Additionally, the treatment also infuses keratin into the cortex of the hair shaft to improve strength and luster.

Its use reduces the effects of environmental aging of hair fibers, helping to maintain a youthful appearance and function. Its antioxidant mechanism (by virtue of its high level of cysteine derived amino acids), combats the attack of free radicals in hair exposed to environmental insults, particularly sunlight.

Anti-aging efficacy: Protects the hair’s natural properties by preventing insults reaching the hair, damaging the amino acids and roughening the hair’s surface.

Penetrating and shielding: Our Keratin has the benefit of a range of double molecular weights. Smaller molecules penetrate the hair cortex, removing damaging free radicals and improving the hair's luster, strength and moisture. Larger molecules coat the hair fiber and act to protect against environmental insults such as UV radiation, ozone, sulfur dioxide, smog, cigarette smoke, and other urban pollutants.

Enhanced gloss: moisture and smoothness: Our Keratin is naturally substantive to hair, smoothing the cuticle and making it more manageable.

Eliminate Frizz: Our proprietary ingredient, Anti-Frizz GuardTM which is infused in our Advanced Keratin Treatment as well as in our other complementary and supporting products, adds an important additional layer of protection against humidity and frizz. The Anti-Frizz GuardTM is formed by small protecting molecules that do not overweight the hair shaft like other silicon-based products, but rather covers and protects around the hair shaft against humidity and eliminates the frizz.



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