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Keratin Treatments and Formaldehyde

Is this treatment a relaxer and is it going to make your hair straight or how is it going to look?

No. A true keratin treatment does not alter the structure of the hair, but it will nurture the hair fiber outside (cuticle) and inside (cortex) leaving the hair strong, shiny, soft and healthy. Other keratin treatment products that claim keratin qualities contain formaldehyde in high doses which does provide light straightening at the expense of the unhealthy formaldehyde gas releases regardless of ventilation systems.

  • If your hair is wavy it will make it beautiful and straight when blow-dried and keep it that way and will control the frizz from humidity.

  • If it is curly it will make the curls manageable, healthy and beautiful, and will control the frizz in the curls from humidity.

  • If it is straight and frizzy it will eliminate the frizz, maintain perfect volume and make it beautiful when blow-dried and control the frizz from humidity.

  • If it has had a chemical treatment (color, relaxer, highlight) it will re-nurture the hair and make it healthy and beautiful and control the frizz from humidity.

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How is it going to feel as soon as you get the treatment done?

After the application of treatment, blow-dry and flat iron, you will see your hair straight (because of the flat iron straightening) and it will be full of keratin on the cuticle. The cortex will also be saturated and sealed with keratin. The hair will feel heavy, depending on how much hair you have. This heaviness is due to the additional keratin protein that is present on the hair and will be released once you wash the hair. After the first wash you will feel your hair smooth, light, and soft. You can keep the hair even more beautiful and nourished with the use of our after-care products which are designed to keep the treatment at its maximum performance.


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Can you do the keratin treatment after coloring?

Yes. It is recommended that you do the keratin treatment after coloring the hair. In fact, it will make the hair feel great. When coloring and applying the keratin treatment, it is important that you use not only sodium chloride-free shampoo, but also sulfate-free which will make not only make the treatment last longer, but also the color.


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Can you do the treatment on top of relaxed hair?

Yes. Relaxed hair will look terrific after a keratin treatment. It will be soft, shiny, and bouncy, and very well nourished and protected against future blow-dries and flat iron. Future relax procedures will be even better since the hair has been kept very healthy.


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Can you do the treatment on previously chemically treated hair?

Yes. You can do the keratin treatment over any chemical procedures done, like highlights, color, perms, and relaxers.


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Can you do the treatment on highlighted hair the same day?

Yes. You can do the highlights and do the keratin treatment right after.


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Can you do the treatment on virgin hair?

Yes. On virgin hair the keratin treatment will last about two months. When the treatment is done for a second time, the hair will be even in better condition and the treatment will last for three months. It is important to use our after-care products to ensure super beautiful hair.


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Can you do the treatment on children?

Yes. Our treatment is not harmful to anyone, including children. Just remember that the child has to be able to sit during the treatment, blow-dry and flat ironing (a monumental task!). Therefore, we recommend children over six years old.


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Can you color your hair after the treatment?

Yes. We recommend doing so about two weeks after you have the keratin treatment performed. It is better to do the color first and then (same appointment) do the treatment.


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Can you wash your hair after the treatment, and when?

Yes. Unlike other treatments that require you to wait up to 3 days, or more, our treatment doesn't. You can wash your hair whenever you want to. However, make sure that you use a sodium chloride-free and sulfate-free shampoo to avoid stripping keratin from the cuticle. Our line of shampoos, conditioners and styling products provide a great after-care solution for post-keratin treatment.


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Can you tie your hair?

Yes you can. Just remember that tying your hair can leave some marks left, which obviously will be gone when you wash your hair and blow-dry it.


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What should I do if the hair gets wet after the treatment and before shampooing the first time?

It is a necessary to blow dry as soon as possible. When the hair gets wet, it will rearrange itself and it is necessary to bring it back to the styled structure as done by the treatment. If you get it really wet, blow-dry and then apply our keratin styling leave-in mist for better restoration and if needed, apply flat iron (only a couple of passes).


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Can you go swimming in the pool or in the ocean after the treatment?

It is fine to go swimming. However remember that the pool (with its chloride) and the ocean (with its salt water) are enemies of the hair, so protect the hair by applying a little bit of our keratin infused conditioner before and after going into the water. When finished swimming in the pool or ocean, wash your hair with a sodium chloride and sulfate free shampoo and then a good (high quality) conditioner like ours and then before blow-dry apply our Keratin Leave-in Mist for a beautiful finish look.


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What shampoo should you use after doing the treatment?

Make sure that you use sodium chloride-free and sulfate-free shampoo to avoid stripping keratin from the cuticle. Our line of shampoos and conditioners has keratin and Anti-Frizz GuardTM infused, in addition to anti-radical ingredients, to provide full cleansing, moisturizing and protection of the hair.


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How often should you have the treatment done?

Our keratin treatment does not have harmful chemicals. It can be applied as many times as you like and as often as you like. It will last from two to three months, but if you want to do it monthly, you can, however this is not really necessary because the keratin is infused in your hair. In fact if you use our after-care products, your hair will be beautiful and will help the keratin treatment last as it was intended.


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Can you get a styling hair cut before the treatment?

It is recommended that you get a haircut right after the treatment is done (same day), in this manner, possible dead ends or split ends can also be trimmed. Your new hair cut will look even better.


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Can you use hair-spray, serum, mousse, or any other hair products on the hair after getting the treatment done?

Yes you can. In fact you can use our line of Finishing and Styling products.


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Can you do the treatment while pregnant or nursing?

Yes, our treatment has no harmful chemicals unlike other keratin hair treatments. You can also use our keratin styling leave-in mist after using our keratin infused line of shampoos and conditioners.

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