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Before Your Hair is Beautiful it Must First Be Healthy

Restore and Keep Your Hair Healthy and Beautiful


Protein Deep Conditioning Treatment

  • Natural and Organic
  • Restores and keeps healthy hair:
    -Protects against free radicals(sun, smog),
      air humidity and pollutants

    -Repairs damaged hair
  • Beautiful results
    -Shine and luster
    -Silky feeling
    -Fights and controls Frizz
    -Reduce porosity
    -Leaves hair soft, glossy and shiny
  • Works on all kinds of hair
  • Proven Protein Hair Technology. Our deep protein conditioning treatment uses the highest quality French protein in the market. A double-molecular weight formula "designed" to make your hair healthy and beautiful.
  • Powerful Anti-Frizz Control. The Protein Deep Conditioning Treatment also has an additional powerful ingredient to fight frizz. Our proprietary Anti-Frizz Guard adds another layer of protection to the hair shaft and keeps humidity and frizz out.
  • Easy to Implement. Our proprietary formula is designed for the hair, with a balanced pH, giving results that will make your hair healthy and beautiful...all in a short period of time. Simply shampoo hair, towel dry, apply The Protein Deep Conditioning Treatment, wait 20-25 minutes, rinse and style as usual (blow dry, flat iron, curling iron, etc.) and that's it...

A Natural & Organic Professional Treatment for Home Use

  • Organic and Natural-No chemicals
  • pH-balanced
  • Use every 2 to 3 weeks and your hair will be healthy and beautiful
  • Protects against heat—From regular blow dries and flat iron
  • Easy to use—20 minutes and our deep protein conditioning treatment will revitalize your hair
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